Project Name Development of Illustrations and Game design for increasing awareness on the benefits of tree planting and Agronomic practices in coffee farming. Client Name &Ranj Feedback Good, we really enjoyed working with you, because you are a joy to work with. A very talented team with great designs and fun attitude. Project Date The […]

BBC Media Action

Project Name Visual Girls’ Education Client Name BBC Media Action Feedback This is perfect. We will come for more production very soon. Project Date The project was done between August 2022 to December 2022 Project Description BBC Media Action and Urithi Studio collaborated to create a multimedia campaign to address the challenges faced by girls […]

Light for The World Uganda

Project Name Light for The World Uganda Documentary Client Name Light for The World Uganda Feedback ****** Project Date The project started in August 2022 Project Description  The project was about exploring the opportunities of making ICT accessible to persons with disabilities.Light for The World Uganda partnered with Outbox in the Make 12.4% Work Initiative […]

Production Associate

Sandra Nambajjwe

Sandra is our Production Associate known for her exceptional attention to detail when it comes to the end products Urithi is producing. She ensures the smooth operation of the production processes by meticulously tracking inventory levels, forecasting demand, and coordinating with suppliers for timely deliveries. Sandra’s resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities enable her to keep the production team running smoothly and motivated. She is committed to maintaining high-quality standards and actively collaborates with quality assurance teams to ensure customer satisfaction. Sandra’s dedication and expertise have earned her recognition and praise from her colleagues and our clients. When you are facing a big production task, call Sandra and she will fix it, without losing eye for the details!


Procurement Lead

Benjamin Wandera

Benjamin is an experienced Procurement Officer with a profound commitment to circular design and creating positive social impact. His expertise in strategic sourcing extends beyond cost optimization, as he actively seeks sustainable and ethical supplier partnerships. By integrating circular economy principles into procurement processes, Benjamin consistently identifies innovative solutions that minimise waste, promote recycling, and foster a more sustainable supply chain. You want to make a change in this world? Be like Ben!

Administration Officer

Catherine Adikini

Catherine (alias Cathy) is our rock and part of the Office team concerned with secretarial and administrative duties. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s in BBA/AF besides her work for Urithi. Cathy manages the daily operations, ensuring that all administrative tasks are completed efficiently, and provides support to other members of the team. She is also involved in marketing and can show you our tools and office spaces like no other!


Finance Officer

Topistar Zawedde

Topistar (alias Topi) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in BBA (Accounting). With her 8 years’ of experience working in the finance department of creative design companies, she is on top of accurate record keeping, preparing monthly & periodic reports, reconciliations, filing of returns and statutory obligations, invoicing and payment processing. Topi takes care of all our financial and tax obligations and creates the path for the designers to focus on their work. Topi is tough and sweet at the same time, and a very reliable member of our Office Team.

Design & Project Lead

Goretti Nabakijje

Goretti is an accomplished graphic designer specialising in the development of tools and curricula with the aim of social behaviour change. With over 17 years in the field, she has demonstrated expertise in conceptualization and development of different communication tools. In addition to her design skills, Goretti has taken on the role of project lead, ensuring the highest quality standards and timely delivery of our services and products. Her multifaceted role showcases her ability to combine creativity with project management, resulting in impactful solutions that meet the unique needs of social behaviour change initiatives from different clients. Goretti is a perfectionist and very serious in her work but she always lightens up our day at the office with her smile and giggles!

Senior Visual Editor

Michael Kiremu Ahimbisibwe

Michael has a vast knowledge of multimedia technologies and their development in the media and broadcast industry. For the last seven years Mike has worked in different production capacities, delivering product growth in both commercial television production and local content production for television (TV West Mbarara). If you were wondering who is the man behind the machine, that’s Michael!

Procurement & Production Lead

Sofia Mwajumbe

Sofia is a certified procurement officer with great communication and negotiation skills. She has a deep knowledge of market finances and a proven track record of managing the whole purchasing process. She is great at maintaining good relationships with suppliers and service providers. There are not many service providers in our field in Kampala that don’t know Sofia and Urithi’s work!

Visual communication Lead

Joseph Kalwanyi

Joseph is a highly skilled illustrator, driven by a deep passion for transforming stories into vibrant and captivating visuals. Over the course of 13 years in the industry, Joseph has honed his skills in design thinking, problem-solving, and the human-centred design methodology. Joseph has the unique ability to breathe life into narratives, creating engaging illustrations that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Joseph’s commitment to excellence and dedication to push creative boundaries results in visually stunning and emotionally compelling artwork. You name it, Joseph illustrates it.

Operations & Project Lead

Priscilla Apio

Priscilla is a successful operations and project manager and our best facilitator. Over the years she has gained experience in project management, project planning, risk management, communication skills, team building and acting as a liaison between the project team, the audience and the clients. She is the facilitator for co-creation sessions, Training of Trainers and other workshops. Her warm personality creates a good rapport with the target group and other stakeholders, she makes sure that everyone is engaged, regardless the setting or topic. Priscilla goes places and has recently completed a fellowship in The Netherlands in Management of Development Projects and Programs!

Creative Design Lead

Dianah Bwengye

Dianah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Industrial Design. She is a big advocate of the human-centred design methodology and creates innovative products with the objective of fostering positive social behavioural change in a creative way.  She recently took a five months course Insides for Innovation with IDEO that delved deeper into insights for innovation and how to leverage the Human Centred Design methodology to innovate solutions for social challenges.

With over 14 years of experience in graphic design, design facilitation, and co-creation facilitation she has created prototypes that promote active learning, including educational games and puzzles, communication tools for disability inclusivity, and interactive activities. If you ask Dianah, she would rather draw than write you her stories!